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Ultimate Essential Basics

Don’t know where to start when creating a capsule wardrobe? Start with the basics. Build a strong foundation with our new basic unisex collection. Check out the video for some easy combinations.

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— L'AVVENTO founder
L’AVVENTO is an International, European brand, that brings a French touch into your daily life, to your success. Within the Middle East Region L’avvento, designed in Paris is “Your French Connection”. While on the European continent, it is the desirable global brand that: Wears the Trends Travel and office accessories are your secret source of inspiration: the intimate universe where you nest back in the very rare moments you can steal from a busy life just for yourself. The secret source from which your unique attractiveness emanates into the world. No wonder they need the touch of excellence, success, and a mystical seduction. L’avvento is my secret source of inspiration for a successful professional life and an attractive personal one. With L’avvento I wear the trends in all areas of my life.